Payment Methods LADY SHOES SRL

Payment methods

3.1 LADY SHOES SRL accepts the following payment methods: by credit card, PayPal system or by bank transfer. LADY SHOES SRL reserves the right to refuse some payment methods and to request different payment methods for certain orders. In the event that the Customer should opt for payment by bank transfer, the goods subject to the order will be shipped only at the time of reading, with current value date, of the transferred amount.

3.2 In the event that the Customer decides to use the credit card as a payment method, the same is aware of having to enter, in order to correctly receive the order by the selling company, the following data in the specific form indicated on the site or :

- name and surname of the credit card holder;

- credit card number;

- credit card expiration date;

- security code (3-digit on the back of the card for Visa and Mastercard and 4-digit for American Express).

3.3. The buyer agrees to receive invoices and credits exclusively in electronic format.